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Our Fairfield location is located on West Texas Street in in the city of Fairfield, California. It is sandwiched between two of our other locations, north of our facility in Cordelia and south of our location in Vacaville. Cenario’s Pizza of Fairfield is one of our pick-up and delivery only restaurants, so feel free to visit if you’re looking for a quick fix of delicious, high-quality pizza but don’t want to spend too much time dining in with us. You can order pizza online or by phone for delivery or drive by to pick it up at our store. Our Cenario’s Pizza of Fairfield is open Monday through Sunday from 11 AM to 10 PM. Give us a call at 707-425-1000 or use our online ordering option to schedule a pick-up or delivery for your pizza today.

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Cenario's Pizza of Vacaville
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(707) 449-1900
Cenario's Pizza of Fairfield
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(707) 425-1000
Cenario's Pizza of Dixon
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(707) 693-1100
Cenario's Pizza of Davis
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(530) 759-1100
Cenario's Pizza of Cordelia
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(707) 864-6400