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Our Story

Mario and his father Al DiManno moved out to California in 1986 to start the first Cenario’s. Al was a Burger King franchise in Michigan with seven stores prior to his new venture in the pizza business in California.

Mario worked for his Dad in the Burger King restaurants while attending school back in Michigan and was the first one to California in January 1986. He admired how his Father put together a great team of employees that worked in all the Burger Kings he owned and this inspired him to continue in the food industry with his Dad as a family business. Although his Father passed away in 2016, he still treats his partners and employees as family. He hopes the tradition carries on for another 30 years.

How We Got Our Name

Most people ask how we came up with the name Cenario’s? We had several mainstream names that we considered when one stuck. As we were putting our business plan together and running through a list of fictitious names we had mentioned the word Scenario several times as we were trying to troubleshoot the start up. Cena came to mind as it means dinner or supper in Italian. We didn’t think it had enough pop or familiarity for us to use so we thought about moving the s from scenario to the end and the rest was history. Although it was not a common name, it had a ring that is still a household name 33 years later.

Quality Ingredients

We’ve been doing pizza the same way, with only quality, fresh ingredients, for over 30 years. That means we don’t freeze our dough, we make it fresh daily. Our veggies are cut in our kitchen, not in a factory.  Our Signature Pizza Sauce gets its flavor from a unique spice blend which we hand stir into locally sourced, fresh, packed tomatoes.

Fresh Dough

At Cenario’s Pizza we believe that freshly prepared dough is the foundation of a great tasting pizza. That’s why we prepare our dough fresh daily!

Signature Pizza Sauce

Our tomato sauce is made with fresh packed tomatoes and our own spice blend which gives our pizzas a unique and zesty taste that’s hard to resist!

100% Real Cheese

We take pizza seriously and when it comes to cheese we don’t cut any corners. Our cheese is 100% real California Mozzarella.

Local Produce

We use only the best ingredients for our pizza toppings. Our vegetables are carefully selected for quality and sourced locally.

We're Hiring!

Searching for a job? Look no further because Cenario’s Pizza is hiring at all our locations! With part-time and full-time positions available we’re sure to have the right fit for you.

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